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Do I Need Insurance?
Posted on 05-08-2009 by SmithinsTell  Print

My question is this: - "Are we all invincible?" I was always under the impression I would never have needed insurance as I'm not ill or dying so why commit to yet another monthly direct debit, especially in times of hardship like now!

That is until now, what with all the money worries and the stresses of everyday life, the depression and divorce, the financial issues and lack of jobs. All this puts stress on our lives and must lower our life expectancy!

I've looked at the different insurances on offer, and there really is something out there for everyone. Whether it's to cover the life of someone who brings in all the money, to give us financial security if they ever die, or cover for ourselves if we have debt or if we get a critical illness that changes the way we need to live.

I've also realised the benefits of choosing a cover to suit me to make sure that from now on whatever happens keeps me in the lifestyle I'm used to.

A member of my family actually became ill but didn't have critical illness cover. Not being able to work for a while has resulted to them never clearing the mortgage. So even though they are now retired they are still tied to a high mortgage payment each month.

This makes me think "For goodness sake, why didn't you get yourself covered to prevent being retired and having a mortgage?"

If one of their friends had asked them 'Do you have life or critical illness cover?' the response they would have given probably would have been 'Well not at the moment, it's something I'll always get round to later'. However this was before they had Cancer and were left with a mountain of debt! Sometimes I wish there was a time machine for all those people who have contracted a major illness to go back and buy sufficient critical illness insurance. You will find that once you have contracted a serious illness you will not be allowed to buy any cover from most insurance companies. There are a few specialist critical illness companies but you will be paying astronomical premiums.

The question to ask yourself is 'Do you need insurance?' unfortunately, yes. We do all need insurance. You might not need life insurance today (Critical Illness insurance is always a must) and fingers crossed not for a very long time when our life needs insurance. But inevitably we need to protect those around us we love and our lifestyles. I could not imagine having a serious illness and not being able to work but still have all the same outgoings each month, cos let's face it, how many employers in today's market will actually keep our jobs open or help us out until we are through all the surgery, treatment, and remission - not many, and that information is for free.

So in summary, the answer to the question 'Are we all invincible?' is no. Unless your name happens to be Clark Kent!

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