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Western Cherokee Mutual Newsletter
Posted on 06-19-2009 by SmithinsTell  Print

Western Cherokee Mutual Newsletter

June 2009


On January 6th, 1885 a group of Marcus area farmers met to discuss mutually sharing th risks posed by prairie fires.  On that date your county mutual was started.  2010 will mark the 125th year of insurance protection for the community and surrounding area.

Benjamen Franklin began the first mutual in the United States in 1752.  The first Iowa mutual started in Davenport in 1849.  Iowa companies banded together in 1909 to form what is now called Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company.  GMRC is a leader in farm and home insurance in the midwest today.

Through 2008 Western Cherokee Mutual has paid over $22,000,000 in losses.  Your mutual now has more than $390,000,000 of insurance in force.

Your local farm mutual agent continues to work today with Grinnell Mutual to offer complete protection for your home, farm, business, auto, and recreational vehicles.

We will be celebrating this 125th anniversary for the next year, with a gala picnic planned for August 2010.  Be sure to watch for details and announcements!!


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